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Scribus 1.6.0 released

화, 2024/01/02 - 12:46오전
Version 1.6.0 of the Scribus desktop-publishing application has been released. The list of new features is rather long and includes a user interface overhaul, improvements for HiDPI screens, new scripting commands, lots of typographical improvements and features, a new picture browser for graphical asset management, support for more gradient types, and much more. Scribus 1.6.0 is the long awaited release in the next stable series, replacing 1.4.8 and development versions in the 1.5.x series. This version has been in development for some years and contains thousands of enhancements and fixes across all areas of the program. It has more features, is faster, and is more stable.

Security updates for Monday

화, 2024/01/02 - 12:30오전
Security updates have been issued by Debian (ansible, asterisk, cjson, firefox-esr, kernel, libde265, libreoffice, libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl, php-guzzlehttp-psr7, thunderbird, tinyxml, and xerces-c), Fedora (podman-tui, proftpd, python-asyncssh, squid, and xerces-c), Mageia (libssh and proftpd), and SUSE (deepin-compressor, gnutls, gstreamer, libreoffice, opera, proftpd, and python-pip).

Kernel prepatch 6.7-rc8

월, 2024/01/01 - 6:44오전
Linus has released 6.7-rc8 for testing.

So as expected, pretty much nothing happened over the holiday week. We've got literally just 45 files changed, and almost a third of those files aren't even kernel code (ie things like selftests, scripting, Kconfig and maintainer file updates). And some of the rest is prep-work and cleanups for future (real) changes.

But we do have a couple of real fixes in there, and I suspect we'll get a few more next week as people come back from their food-induced torpor.


Julia 1.10 released

월, 2024/01/01 - 6:05오전
The Julia programming language project has released Julia v1.10. It is mainly a performance release, with only two new language features mentioned in the release notes: "JuliaSyntax.jl is now used as the default parser, providing better diagnostics and faster parsing." and the addition of two Unicode symbols for use as binary operators: "⥺ (U+297A, \leftarrowsubset) and ⥷ (U+2977, \leftarrowless)". Package-loading time has been improved further and the mark phase of garbage collection has been parallelized, among other improvements.

Gnuplot 6.0 released

월, 2024/01/01 - 4:47오전
Version 6.0 of the Gnuplot plotting system has been released.

Gnuplot has been supported and under active development since 1986. This is the first new major version of gnuplot since the release of version 5 in January 2015. It introduces extensions to the gnuplot command language, an expanded collection of special and complex-valued functions, additional 2D and 3D plotting styles, and support for new output protocols.

See the release notes for details.


Gentoo in binary form

토, 2023/12/30 - 12:17오전
Gentoo Linux is the prototypical source-based distribution, but there is now a binary installation option available as well.

To speed up working with slow hardware and for overall convenience, we’re now also offering binary packages for download and direct installation! For most architectures, this is limited to the core system and weekly updates - not so for amd64 and arm64 however. There we’ve got a stunning >20 GByte of packages on our mirrors, from LibreOffice to KDE Plasma and from Gnome to Docker.


Rust 1.75.0 released

금, 2023/12/29 - 3:33오전
Version 1.75.0 of the Rust language has been released. Notable changes include "async fn and -> impl Trait in traits", a pointer byte-offset API, some compiler performance improvements, and a number of stabilized APIs.

[$] The Linux graphics stack in a nutshell, part 2

목, 2023/12/28 - 11:46오후
Displaying an application's graphical output onto the screen requires compositing and mode setting that are correctly synchronized among the various pieces, with low overhead. In this second and final article in the series, we will look at those pieces of the Linux graphics stack. In the first installment, we followed the path of graphics from the application, through Mesa, while using the memory-management features of the kernel's Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) subsystem. We ended up with an application's graphics data stored in an output buffer, so now it's time to display the image to the user.

Security updates for Thursday

목, 2023/12/28 - 11:45오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (haproxy, libssh, and nodejs), Fedora (filezilla and minizip-ng), Gentoo (Git, libssh, and OpenSSH), and SUSE (gstreamer, postfix, webkit2gtk3, and zabbix).

Debian statement on the Cyber Resilience Act

목, 2023/12/28 - 3:35오전
The Debian project has completed a general-resolution vote, adopting a statement expressing concern about the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) pending in the European Union.

Even if only "commercial activities" are in the scope of CRA, the Free Software community - and as a consequence, everybody - will lose a lot of small projects. CRA will force many small enterprises and most probably all self employed developers out of business because they simply cannot fulfill the requirements imposed by CRA. Debian and other Linux distributions depend on their work. If accepted as it is, CRA will undermine not only an established community but also a thriving market. CRA needs an exemption for small businesses and, at the very least, solo-entrepreneurs


Security updates for Tuesday

화, 2023/12/26 - 11:58오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (curl, openssh, osslsigncode, and putty), Fedora (chromium, filezilla, libfilezilla, mingw-gstreamer1, mingw-gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free, mingw-gstreamer1-plugins-base, mingw-gstreamer1-plugins-good, opensc, thunderbird, unrealircd, and xorg-x11-server-Xwayland), Gentoo (Ceph, FFmpeg, Flatpak, Gitea, and SABnzbd), Mageia (chromium-browser-stable), Slackware (kernel and postfix), and SUSE (cppcheck, distribution, gstreamer-plugins-bad, jbigkit, and ppp).

Ruby 3.3.0 Released

화, 2023/12/26 - 2:58오전
As is the tradition for the Ruby programming language, December 25 is the date for new major releases; this year, Ruby 3.3.0 was released. It comes with a new parser called "Prism" that is "both a C library that will be used internally by CRuby and a Ruby gem that can be used by any tooling which needs to parse Ruby code". The release also has many performance improvements, especially in the YJIT (Yet another Ruby JIT) just-in-time compiler. Ruby 3.3 adds a new Ruby-based JIT, RJIT, that targets x86_64, which is available for experimental purposes. There are lots of other improvements and new features described in the announcement.

Kernel prepatch 6.7-rc7

일, 2023/12/24 - 10:26오전
The 6.7-rc7 kernel prepatch is out for testing.

Anyway, rc7 itself looks fairly normal. It's actually a bit bigger than rc6 was, but not hugely so, and nothing in here looks at all strange. Please do give it a whirl if you have the time and the energy, but let's face it, I expect things to be very quiet and this to be one of those "nothing happens" weeks. Because even if you aren't celebrating this time of year, you might take advantage of the peace and quiet.


Stable kernel 5.15.145

일, 2023/12/24 - 7:16오전
The 5.15.145 stable kernel has been released. It consists mostly of fixes to the ksmbd subsystem, which has been marked as broken due to (until now) a lack of support for the 5.15.x kernels.

Darktable 4.6.0 released

토, 2023/12/23 - 2:24오전
Version 4.6.0 of the darktable photo editor has been released. Changes include a new "rgb primaries" module that "can be used for delicate color corrections as well as creative color grading", enhancements to the sigmoid module, some performance improvements, and more. (LWN looked at darktable in 2022).

Security updates for Friday

금, 2023/12/22 - 10:57오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (bluez, chromium, gst-plugins-bad1.0, openssh, and thunderbird), Fedora (chromium, firefox, kernel, libssh, nss, opensc, and thunderbird), Gentoo (Arduino, Exiv2, LibRaw, libssh, NASM, and QtWebEngine), Mageia (gstreamer), and SUSE (gnutls, gstreamer-plugins-bad, libcryptopp, libqt5-qtbase, ppp, tinyxml, xorg-x11-server, and zbar).

The 6.7 kernel will be released on January 7

금, 2023/12/22 - 7:48오전
Unsurprisingly, Linus Torvalds has let it be known that he will do a 6.7-rc8 release (rather than 6.7 final) on December 31, thus avoiding opening the 6.8 merge window on New Year's Day.

Just FYI - my current plan is that -rc7 will happen this Saturday (because I still follow the Finnish customs of Christmas _Eve_ being the important day, so Sunday I'll be off), and then if anything comes in that week - which it will do, even if networking might be offline - I'll do an rc8 the week after.

Then, unless anything odd happens, the final 6.7 release will be Jan 7th, and so the merge window for 6.8 will open Jan 8th.


[$] Data-type profiling for perf

금, 2023/12/22 - 1:41오전
Tooling for profiling the effects of memory usage and layout has always lagged behind that for profiling processor activity, so Namhyung Kim's patch set for data-type profiling in perf is a welcome addition. It provides aggregated breakdowns of memory accesses by data type that can inform structure layout and access pattern changes. Existing tools have either, like heaptrack, focused on profiling allocations, or, like perf mem, on accounting memory accesses only at the address level. This new work builds on the latter, using DWARF debugging information to correlate memory operations with their source-level types.

Announcing `async fn` and return-position `impl Trait` in traits (Rust Blog)

금, 2023/12/22 - 1:02오전
The Rust Blog announces the stabilization of a couple of trait features aimed at improving support for async code:

Ever since the stabilization of RFC #1522 in Rust 1.26, Rust has allowed users to write impl Trait as the return type of functions (often called "RPIT"). This means that the function returns "some type that implements Trait". This is commonly used to return closures, iterators, and other types that are complex or impossible to write explicitly. [...]

Starting in Rust 1.75, you can use return-position impl Trait in trait (RPITIT) definitions and in trait impls. For example, you could use this to write a trait method that returns an iterator: [...]

So what does all of this have to do with async functions? Well, async functions are "just sugar" for functions that return -> impl Future. Since these are now permitted in traits, we also permit you to write traits that use async fn.


Security updates for Thursday

목, 2023/12/21 - 10:58오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (firefox-esr), Fedora (kernel), Mageia (bluez), Oracle (fence-agents, gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free, opensc, openssl, postgresql:10, and postgresql:12), Red Hat (postgresql:15 and tigervnc), Slackware (proftpd), and SUSE (docker, rootlesskit, firefox, go1.20-openssl, go1.21-openssl, gstreamer-plugins-bad, libreoffice, libssh2_org, poppler, putty, rabbitmq-server, wireshark, xen, xorg-x11-server, and xwayland).