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CVE-2019-5736: runc container breakout

수, 2019/02/13 - 12:48오전
Anybody running containerized workloads with runc (used by Docker, cri-o, containerd, and Kubernetes, among others) will want to make note of a newly disclosed vulnerability known as CVE-2019-5736. "The vulnerability allows a malicious container to (with minimal user interaction) overwrite the host runc binary and thus gain root-level code execution on the host." LXC is also evidently vulnerable to a variant of the exploit.

Security updates for Tuesday

수, 2019/02/13 - 12:41오전
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (chromium, dovecot, firefox, and spice), Debian (curl, php5, rssh, and wordpress), Fedora (curl, ghostscript, mingw-libconfuse, and radvd), openSUSE (java-11-openjdk and python-urllib3), Red Hat (chromium-browser and kernel), and SUSE (etcd and kernel).

FSF Annual Report now available

화, 2019/02/12 - 6:02오전
The Free Software Foundation has announced that its annual report for fiscal year 2017 is available. "The Annual Report reviews the FSF's activities, accomplishments, and financial picture from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017. It is the result of a full external financial audit, along with a focused study of program results. It examines the impact of the FSF's events, programs, and activities, including the annual LibrePlanet conference, the Respects Your Freedom (RYF) hardware certification program, and the fight against Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)."

[$] France enters the Matrix

화, 2019/02/12 - 3:09오전

Matrix is an open platform for secure, decentralized, realtime communication. Matthew Hodgson, the Matrix project leader, came to FOSDEM to describe Matrix and report on its progress. Attendees learned that it was within days of having a 1.0 release and found out how it got there. He also shed some light on what happened when the French reached out to them to see if Matrix could meet the internal messaging requirements of an entire national government.


Security updates for Monday

화, 2019/02/12 - 12:31오전
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (ghostscript, spice, spice-server, and thunderbird), Debian (coturn, freerdp, ghostscript, libreoffice, libu2f-host, mosquitto, and openssh), Fedora (buildbot, java-1.8.0-openjdk, java-11-openjdk, phpMyAdmin, slurm, and spice), openSUSE (python3 and rsyslog), Red Hat (docker and runc), SUSE (avahi, fuse, and LibVNCServer), and Ubuntu (poppler).

PyPy 7.0.0 released

월, 2019/02/11 - 11:25오후
Version 7.0.0 of the PyPy Python interpreter is out. This release supports no less than three upstream Python versions: 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6 (as an alpha release). "All the interpreters are based on much the same codebase, thus the triple release."

Kernel prepatch 5.0-rc6

월, 2019/02/11 - 10:33오전
The 5.0-rc6 kernel prepatch is out. "So while I would have wished for less at this point, nothing in there looks all that odd or scary. I think we're still solidly on track for a normal release."

The CNCF 2018 annual report

일, 2019/02/10 - 10:36오전
For those wondering what the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is up to, its 2018 annual report [PDF] is now out. "KubeCon + CloudNativeCon has expanded from its start with 500 attendees in 2015 to become one of the largest and most successful open source conferences ever. The KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America event in Seattle, held December 10-13, 2018, was our biggest yet and was sold out several weeks ahead of time with 8,000 attendees."

LibreOffice 6.2 released

토, 2019/02/09 - 4:53오전
The LibreOffice 6.2 release is out. The headline feature this time around appears to be "NotebookBar": "a radical new approach to the user interface - based on the MUFFIN concept". Other changes include a reworking of the context menus, better change-tracking performance, better interoperability with proprietary file formats, and more.

[$] Blacklisting insecure filesystems in openSUSE

토, 2019/02/09 - 3:27오전
The Linux kernel supports a wide variety of filesystem types, many of which have not seen significant use — or maintenance — in many years. Developers in the openSUSE project have concluded that many of these filesystem types are, at this point, more useful to attackers than to openSUSE users and are proposing to blacklist many of them by default. Such changes can be controversial, but it's probably still fair to say that few people expected the massive discussion that resulted, covering everything from the number of OS/2 users to how openSUSE fits into the distribution marketplace.

Stable kernel 4.4.174 released

토, 2019/02/09 - 2:40오전
Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of the 4.4.174 stable kernel. The patches went out for review on February 7; the kernel contains a backport of a fix for the FragmentSmack denial-of-service vulnerability. "Many thanks to Ben Hutchings for this release, it's pretty much just his work here in doing the backporting of networking fixes to help resolve "FragmentSmack" (i.e. CVE-2018-5391)." As usual, users of the kernel series should upgrade.

The OpenStack Foundation's 2018 annual report

토, 2019/02/09 - 2:20오전
The OpenStack Foundation has issued its 2018 annual report. "2018 was a productive year for the OpenStack community. A total of 1,972 contributors approved more than 65,000 changes and published two major releases of all components, code named Queens and Rocky. The component project teams completed work on themes related to integrating with other OpenStack components, other OpenStack Foundation Open Infrastructure Projects, and projects from adjacent communities. They also worked on stability, performance, and usability improvements. In addition to that component-specific work, the community continued to expand our OpenStack-wide goals process, using a few smaller topics to refine the goal selection process and understand how best to complete initiatives on such a large scale."

GTK+ renamed to GTK

토, 2019/02/09 - 1:14오전
The GTK+ toolkit project has, after extensive deliberation, decided to remove the "+" from its name. "Over the years, we had discussions about removing the '+' from the project name. The 'plus' was added to 'GTK' once it was moved out of the GIMP sources tree and the project gained utilities like GLib and the GTK type system, in order to distinguish it from the previous, in-tree version. Very few people are aware of this history, and it's kind of confusing from the perspective of both newcomers and even expert users; people join the wrong IRC channel, the URLs on wikis are fairly ugly, etc."

Security updates for Friday

금, 2019/02/08 - 11:34오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (dovecot and libarchive), Fedora (gvfs and poppler), openSUSE (openssl-1_1 and subversion), Oracle (kernel), Slackware (php), SUSE (avahi, docker, libunwind, LibVNCServer, and spice), and Ubuntu (linux-azure and openssh).

Google releases ClusterFuzz

금, 2019/02/08 - 10:33오전
Google has announced the release of its ClusterFuzz fuzz-testing system as free software. "ClusterFuzz has found more than 16,000 bugs in Chrome and more than 11,000 bugs in over 160 open source projects integrated with OSS-Fuzz. It is an integral part of the development process of Chrome and many other open source projects. ClusterFuzz is often able to detect bugs hours after they are introduced and verify the fix within a day."

[$] Concurrency management in BPF

금, 2019/02/08 - 2:24오전
In the beginning, programs run on the in-kernel BPF virtual machine had no persistent internal state and no data that was shared with any other part of the system. The arrival of eBPF and, in particular, its maps functionality, has changed that situation, though, since a map can be shared between two or more BPF programs as well as with processes running in user space. That sharing naturally leads to concurrency problems, so the BPF developers have found themselves needing to add primitives to manage concurrency (the "exchange and add" or XADD instruction, for example). The next step is the addition of a spinlock mechanism to protect data structures, which has also led to some wider discussions on what the BPF memory model should look like.

LSFMM 2019 gains a BPF track

금, 2019/02/08 - 1:19오전
The call for proposals for the 2019 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit has been updated with an important addition: this year's event (April 30 to May 2, San Juan, Puerto Rico) will include a BPF track. The submission deadline has been extended to February 22 to allow BPF developers to put together their proposals.

Security updates for Thursday

목, 2019/02/07 - 11:37오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (curl, golang, libthrift-java, mumble, netmask, python3.4, and rssh), openSUSE (python-python-gnupg), Oracle (kernel), Scientific Linux (thunderbird), Slackware (curl), SUSE (firefox, python, and rmt-server), and Ubuntu (curl, libarchive, and libreoffice).

[$] LWN.net Weekly Edition for February 7, 2019

목, 2019/02/07 - 10:15오전
The LWN.net Weekly Edition for February 7, 2019 is available.

[$] Lisp and the foundations of computing

목, 2019/02/07 - 9:07오전

At the start of his linux.conf.au 2019 talk, Kristoffer Grönlund said that he would be taking attendees back 60 years or more. That is not quite to the dawn of computing history, but it is close—farther back than most of us were alive to remember. He encountered John McCarthy's famous Lisp paper [PDF] via Papers We Love and it led him to dig deeply into the Lisp world; he brought back a report for the LCA crowd.