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PSF: New pip resolver to roll out this year

수, 2020/03/25 - 2:23오전
The Python Software Foundation blog looks at some changes to pip, the Python Package installer, in the process of developing a new resolver. The new resolver will reduce inconsistency and be stricter, refusing to install two packages with incompatible requirements. Also, this is a major change to a key part of pip - it's quite possible there will initially be bugs. We would like to make sure that those get caught before people start using the new version in production. [...]

We recognize that everyone's work is being disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and that many data scientists and medical researchers use Python and pip in their work. We want to make the upgrade process as smooth and bug-free as possible for our users; if you can help us, you'll be helping each other.


Security updates for Tuesday

화, 2020/03/24 - 11:51오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (tomcat8), Fedora (chromium and okular), openSUSE (texlive-filesystem), Oracle (tomcat6), Scientific Linux (libvncserver, thunderbird, and tomcat6), Slackware (gd), SUSE (cloud-init, postgresql10, python36, and strongswan), and Ubuntu (ibus and vim).

[$] Video conferencing with Jitsi

화, 2020/03/24 - 10:12오전
Spring is coming to the northern hemisphere, and one's thoughts naturally turn to ... being locked up inside the house and not allowed to go anywhere. That has, in turn, led to an increasing interest in alternative mechanisms for keeping up with family and coworkers, especially video conferencing. There are a number of proprietary video-conferencing services out there; your editor decided to look into what solutions exist in the free-software realm. It turns out that there are a few; the first to be looked at is Jitsi.

Announcing Season of Docs 2020

화, 2020/03/24 - 4:20오전
Google Open Source has announced the 2020 edition of Season of Docs, a program to connect open source projects with technical writers to improve documentation. Open source organizations may apply from April 14-May 4. Once mentoring organizations and technical writers are connected, there will be a month long community bonding period, beginning August 11. Writers will then work with mentors to complete documentation projects by the December 6 deadline.

MythTV 31

화, 2020/03/24 - 3:46오전
For those stuck at home looking for something to do, version 31 of the MythTV DVR and home media center hub, has been released. Features include, significant changes to video decoding and playback, improved channel scanning, and Python 3 support. See the release notes for more information.

Parrot OS 4.8 released

화, 2020/03/24 - 12:38오전
Parrot OS is a security and privacy focused distribution, with tools for cyber security operations. Parrot 4.8 follows Debian testing and has many updates from the Debian repositories. Parrot Docker containers allow you to use Parrot tools on docker-supported operating systems. Since the previous release last September the Parrot team has put some effort into re-organizing its internal structure, from the operations and workflow of developers, up to the infrastructure. "After such a huge work, we have finally moved to the new workflow, and Parrot 4.8 is the proof of how hard we wanted such changes to take place in the project and how smooth development and cooperation became after achieving this goal."

Security updates for Monday

월, 2020/03/23 - 11:43오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (amd64-microcode, chromium, graphicsmagick, jackson-databind, phpmyadmin, python-bleach, and tor), Gentoo (exim and nodejs), openSUSE (chromium and thunderbird), Oracle (tomcat), Red Hat (devtoolset-8-gcc, libvncserver, runc, samba, thunderbird, and tomcat6), and SUSE (ruby2.5).

Git v2.26.0 released

월, 2020/03/23 - 10:04오후
Version 2.26.0 of the Git source-code management system is out. Significant changes include a reimplementation of the "rebase" mechanism, improvements to sparse checkouts, performance improvements, and more. See this GitHub blog entry for more information.

Kernel prepatch 5.6-rc7

월, 2020/03/23 - 12:39오후
The 5.6-rc7 kernel prepatch is out for testing; this may be the last one before the final release. "The world around us may be going through strange times, but at least so far kernel development looks normal."

Six new stable kernels for the weekend

토, 2020/03/21 - 11:30오후
A new batch of stable kernels has just been released: 5.5.11, 5.4.27, 4.19.112, 4.14.174, 4.9.217, and 4.4.217. As usual, these contain important fixes throughout the kernel tree; users should upgrade.