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Security updates for Monday

화, 2020/10/13 - 12:05오전
Security updates have been issued by Debian (eclipse-wtp, httpcomponents-client, rails, and spice), Fedora (crun, oniguruma, and podman), openSUSE (grafana, kdeconnect-kde, kernel, nextcloud, nodejs10, nodejs8, and permissions), Oracle (kernel), and SUSE (tigervnc).

LLVM 11.0.0 released

월, 2020/10/12 - 11:33오후
Version 11.0.0 of the LLVM compiler suite is out. Significant change include the addition of a Fortran frontend and a lot more; see the collection of release-note sets in the announcement for details.

Wishing David Miller well

월, 2020/10/12 - 11:21오후
David Miller is the long-time maintainer of the kernel's networking subsystem. On October 10, he wrote this to his Twitter feed: "I had a stroke on Tuesday and have been recovering since please pray for me". We at LWN wish David a fast and complete recovery. (Thanks to Harald Welte for the heads-up).

The 5.9 kernel has been released

월, 2020/10/12 - 8:15오전
Linus has released the 5.9 kernel. "Ok, so I'll be honest - I had hoped for quite a bit fewer changes this last week, but at the same time there doesn't really seem to be anything particularly scary in here. It's just more commits and more lines changed than I would have wished for." Some of the significant features in this release are: x86 FSGSBASE support, capacity awareness in the deadline scheduler, the close_range() system call, proactive compaction in the memory-management subsystem, the rationalization of kernel-thread priorities, and more. See the KernelNewbies 5.9 page for more details.

[$] NAPI polling in kernel threads

토, 2020/10/10 - 3:59오전
Systems that manage large amounts of network traffic end up dedicating a significant part of their available CPU time to the network stack itself. Much of this work is done in software-interrupt context, which can be problematic in a number of ways. That may be about to change, though, once this patch series posted by Wei Wang is merged into the mainline.

Security updates for Friday

금, 2020/10/09 - 11:09오후
Security updates have been issued by Oracle (bind, kernel, libcroco, nss and nspr, qemu-kvm, spice and spice-gtk, and squid) and SUSE (kernel).

[$] The ABI status of filesystem formats

금, 2020/10/09 - 1:55오전
One of the key rules of Linux kernel development is that the ABI between the kernel and user space cannot be broken; any change that breaks previously working programs will, outside of exceptional circumstances, be reverted. The rule seems clear, but there are ambiguities when it comes to determining just what constitutes the kernel ABI; tracepoints are a perennial example of this. A recent discussion has brought another one of those ambiguities to light: the on-disk format of Linux filesystems.

Security updates for Thursday

목, 2020/10/08 - 10:12오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (activemq, golang-go.crypto, packagekit, and sympa), Fedora (php and xen), Red Hat (bind, kernel, and qemu-kvm), SUSE (qemu), and Ubuntu (golang-github-seccomp-libseccomp-golang and spice).

[$] LWN.net Weekly Edition for October 8, 2020

목, 2020/10/08 - 10:32오전
The LWN.net Weekly Edition for October 8, 2020 is available.

[$] Fixing our broken internet

목, 2020/10/08 - 7:30오전
In unusually stark terms, Mozilla is trying to rally the troops to take back the internet from the forces of evil—or at least "misinformation, corruption and greed"—that have overtaken it. In a September 30 blog post, the organization behind the Firefox web browser warned that "the internet needs our love". While there is lots to celebrate about the internet, it is increasingly under threat from various types of bad actors, so Mozilla is starting a campaign to try to push back against those threats.

[$] Ruby 3.0 brings new type checking and concurrency features

목, 2020/10/08 - 1:34오전
The first preview of Ruby version 3.0 was released on September 25. It includes better support for type checking, additional language features, and two new experimental features: a parallel execution mechanism called Ractor, and Scheduler, which provides concurrency improvements.

Three stable kernels

수, 2020/10/07 - 11:59오후
Stable kernels 5.8.14, 5.4.70, and 4.19.150 have been released with some important fixes. Users should upgrade.

Security updates for Wednesday

수, 2020/10/07 - 11:53오후
Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (brotli, lib32-brotli, lib32-zeromq, samba, yaws, and zeromq), Debian (php7.0, puma, sane-backends, thunderbird, and tigervnc), Fedora (ghc-cmark-gfm, ghc-hakyll, gitit, pandoc, pandoc-citeproc, and patat), openSUSE (kdeconnect-kde and perl-DBI), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (chromium-browser and spice and spice-gtk), SUSE (hexchat and nodejs8), and Ubuntu (vino).

[$] Zig heading toward a self-hosting compiler

수, 2020/10/07 - 8:35오전
The Zig programming language is a relatively recent entrant into the "systems programming" realm; it looks to interoperate with C, while adding safety features without sacrificing performance. The language has been gaining some attention of late and has announced progress toward a Zig compiler written in Zig in September. That change will allow LLVM to become an optional component, which will be a big step forward for the "maturity and stability" of Zig.

Security updates for Tuesday

수, 2020/10/07 - 12:05오전
Security updates have been issued by Fedora (chromium, libproxy, mumble, and thunderbird), openSUSE (perl-DBI), Red Hat (qemu-kvm-rhev, rh-mariadb102-mariadb and rh-mariadb102-galera, rh-maven35-jackson-databind, spice and spice-gtk, and unbound), SUSE (gnutls, java-1_7_0-openjdk, openssl1, and perl-DBI), and Ubuntu (brotli, cyrus-imapd, openconnect, opendmarc, python-urllib3, ruby-rack-cors, spice, tika, and yaws).

Python 3.9 released

화, 2020/10/06 - 5:48오전
Version 3.9 of the Python programming language has been released. The changelog, "What's New in Python 3.9" document, and our recent article have lots more information on the release. "Maintenance releases for the 3.9 series will follow at regular bi-monthly intervals starting in late November of 2020. OK, boring! Where is Python 4? Not so fast! The next release after 3.9 will be 3.10. It will be an incremental improvement over 3.9, just as 3.9 was over 3.8, and so on."

[$] Getting KDE onto commercial hardware

화, 2020/10/06 - 4:33오전
At Akademy 2020, the annual KDE conference that was held virtually this year, KDE developer Nate Graham delivered a talk entitled "Visions of the Future" (YouTube video) about the possible future of KDE on commercial products. Subtitled "Plasma sold on retail hardware — lots of it", the session concentrated on ways to make KDE applications (and the Plasma desktop) the default environment on hardware sold to the general public. The proposal includes creating an official KDE distribution with a hardware certification program and directly paying developers.

U-Boot v2020.10 released

화, 2020/10/06 - 3:48오전
U-Boot (the Universal Boot Loader) v2020.10 is out. "With this release we have a number of "please migrate to DM" warnings that are now 1 year past their warning date, and well past 1 year of those warnings being printed. It's getting up there on my TODO list to see if removing features or boards in these cases is easier."

Security updates for Monday

월, 2020/10/05 - 11:43오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (libvirt, snmptt, squid3, and xen), Fedora (chromium, libproxy, mumble, samba, and xawtv), openSUSE (bcm43xx-firmware, dpdk, grafana, nodejs12, python-pip, xen, and zabbix), Oracle (thunderbird), Red Hat (cockpit-ovirt, imgbased, redhat-release-virtualization-host, redhat-virtualization-host and qemu-kvm-rhev), and SUSE (perl-DBI).

Kernel prepatch 5.9-rc8

월, 2020/10/05 - 8:23오전
The eighth and presumably final 5.9 prepatch is out for testing. "So things have been pretty calm, and rc8 is fairly small. I'm still waiting for a networking pull with some fixes, so it's not like I could have made a final 5.9 release even if I had wanted to, but there was nothing scary going on this past week, and it all feels ready for a final 5.9 next weekend."