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업데이트: 28분 24초 지남

Vetter: Why no 2D Userspace API in DRM?

수, 2018/08/22 - 10:36오후
On his blog, Daniel Vetter answers an often-asked question about why the direct rendering manager (DRM) does not have a 2D API (and won't in the future): "3D has it easy: There’s OpenGL and Vulkan and DirectX that require a certain feature set. And huge market forces that make sure if you use these features like a game would, rendering is fast. Aside: This means the 2D engine in a browser actually needs to work like a 3D action game, or the GPU will crawl. The [impedance] mismatch compared to traditional 2D rendering designs is huge. On the 2D side there’s no such thing: Every blitter engine is its own bespoke thing, with its own features, limitations and performance characteristics. There’s also no standard benchmarks that would drive common performance characteristics - today blitters are [needed] mostly in small systems, with very specific use cases. Anything big enough to run more generic workloads will have a 3D rendering block anyway. These systems still have blitters, but mostly just to help move data in and out of VRAM for the 3D engine to consume."

New stable kernels released

수, 2018/08/22 - 9:45오후
Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of five new stable kernels: 4.18.4, 4.17.18, 4.14.66, 4.9.123, and 4.4.151. As usual, they contain important fixes, so users of those series should upgrade.

Security updates for Wednesday

수, 2018/08/22 - 9:22오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (openssh and otrs2), Fedora (gifsicle, lighttpd, quazip, and samba), Red Hat (openstack-keystone), Scientific Linux (mutt), Slackware (libX11), SUSE (gtk2, ImageMagick, libcgroup, and libgit2), and Ubuntu (base-files).

[$] The sidechannel LSM

수, 2018/08/22 - 6:29오전

Side-channel attacks are a reasonably well-known technique to exfiltrate information across security boundaries. Until relatively recently, concerns about these types of attacks were mostly confined to cryptographic operations, where the target was to extract secrets by observing some side channel. But with the advent of Spectre, speculative execution provides a new way to exploit side channels. A new Linux Security Module (LSM) is meant to help determine where a side channel might provide secrets to an attacker, so that a speculative-execution barrier operation can be performed.


Security updates for Tuesday

화, 2018/08/21 - 10:02오후
Security updates have been issued by CentOS (mariadb, mutt, and qemu-kvm), Debian (clamav and libcgroup), Fedora (libldb, samba, and soundtouch), Oracle (mutt), Red Hat (mutt), SUSE (ImageMagick), and Ubuntu (apt, linux-lts-trusty, openjdk-lts, and wpa).

[$] Batch processing of network packets

화, 2018/08/21 - 8:56오후
It has been understood for years that kernel performance can be improved by doing things in batches. Whether the task is freeing memory pages, initializing data structures, or performing I/O, things go faster if the work is done on many objects at once; many kernel subsystems have been reworked to take advantage of the efficiency of batching. It turns out, though, that there was a piece of relatively low-hanging fruit at the core of the kernel's network stack. The 4.19 kernel will feature some work increasing the batching of packet processing, resulting in some impressive performance improvements.

[$] 3D printing with Atelier

화, 2018/08/21 - 6:14오전
During this year's Akademy conference, Lays Rodrigues introduced Atelier, a cross-platform, open-source system that allows users to control their 3D printers. As she stated in her talk abstract, it is "a project with a goal to make the 3D printing world a better place". Read on for an overview of what the Atelier team is up to and what it has accomplished so far.

Security updates for Monday

월, 2018/08/20 - 10:55오후
Security updates have been issued by Debian (confuse, jetty9, kamailio, kernel, libxcursor, and mutt), Fedora (blktrace, docker-latest, libgit2, and yubico-piv-tool), Mageia (chromium-browser-stable, flash-player-plugin, kernel, kernel-linus, kernel-tmb, microcode, openslp, and wpa_supplicant), openSUSE (apache2, curl, GraphicsMagick, perl-Archive-Zip, and xen), Oracle (kernel and mariadb), Red Hat (rh-postgresql95-postgresql), Slackware (ntp and samba), SUSE (apache2, curl, kernel, kernel-livepatch-tools, libgcrypt, mysql, openssl, perl, procps, rsyslog, shadow, wireshark, and xen), and Ubuntu (kernel).

Flatpak 1.0 released

월, 2018/08/20 - 9:58오후
The 1.0 release of the Flatpak application distribution system is out. There are a number of performance improvements, the ability to mark applications as being at end-of-life, up-front confirmation of requested permissions, and more. "Apps can now request access the host SSH agent to securely access remote servers or Git repositories."