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I am come from the foreign young boy,
I extremely like your country the plane design work
I hoped has the good person to provide some good design websites, as well as some very good source material website Because does not understand your country language, borrows the software translation If has offends place,
please forgive.

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your english sux.... where you from? china?

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Yes,I am come from China.

Can you help me?

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Get off, dirty chinese.

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매일 1억명이 사용하는 프로그램을 함께 만들어보고 싶습니다.

젊음'은 모든것을 가능하게 만든다.

매일 1억명이 사용하는 프로그램을 함께 만들어보고 싶습니다.
정규 근로 시간을 지키는. 야근 없는 회사와 거래합니다.

각 분야별. 좋은 책'이나 사이트' 블로그' 링크 소개 받습니다. shintx@naver.com

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I did not understand.

I have not made the personal attack to you.

Why but do you want to insult me the national language?

You are not a civilized person.

If you will continue like this, I will say you regard as the dog to


Because the dog could not change eats the excrement.

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what do you want? .. only multilanguage support in KLDP??

나그네나그네의 이미지

I'm glad to contact with a foreigner in a domestic website
How did you visit KLDP?

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Includes in the website from some to find.

I want to look for some source material aspects in your country the


The above friend, did not know you can help me?

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I don't understand what you're saying because your English is terribly broken or horribly confusing to be construed.

So...you're looking for some kind of source materials, is it correct?

what kinda source are you looking for?what is it related to?

People here are willing to help you as long as we understand what you are looking for.

And nice to meet you.

ps. I wonder, how could you even create an account for this web site...

Is it possible that you are Korean and live in other country?

are you looking for a solution to type Korean in your current OS?


허접한 페도라 가이드 http://oniichan.shii.org

루비 온 레일즈로 만들고 있는 홈페이지 입니다.


여러 프로그램 소스들이 있습니다.

필요하신분은 받아가세요.

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at first, please forget the words of 'dankunwizard' and '까불지마'
they're assholes. I'm really shameful and I apologize to you.

and don't worry about your english. my english is bad, too.
but most people can understand what I say. if someone complain your english,
it's not your fault. because he(she) may be idiot, or can't speak english.

however you have to say what you want clearly.
I think you're looking for sites about some kind of design.
please tell us what kind of desing, web? architect? or something else?

and this site is for Korean Linux users, not for designers. nor not for foreigners, sorry.
please visit other sites.

p.s. not to dean493, to 'dankunwizard' and '까불지마'
assholes 라는 말에 기분나쁘다면 죄송(?)합니다만.. 짧은 영어로 그보다 더 적절한 말을 찾기 어렵군요.
그리고 asshole 도 때에 따라 가벼운 말로도 쓰인다라는 점을 기억해주셨으면 합니다. 그리고 솔직히 한국인으로써 쪽팔립니다.

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저도 허접하지만 저런 초급 영어라도 쓰고 싶답니다.


궁금증으로 가득찬 20후반 -_-;;
탄생은 죽음의 시작에 불과하다.



laziness, impatience, hubris

不恥下問 - 진정으로 대화를 원하면 겸손하게 모르는 것은 모른다고 말하는 용기가 필요하다.

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I extremely thank your help.

This site is for Korean Linux users?oh,so good.

Because I before is LINUX confuses.

LINUX too has been beautiful, I compare like ubuntu.

But I now hotly am loyal to MAC.

In our country, also some good systems forum,

For example:


I want the source material is the two-dimensional vector chart,
likes South Korean the pattern bottom grain,
should better be free Forum by PHOTOSHOP primarily.