PHP 4.0.1 released

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php 4.0.1 이 릴리즈 되었네요. :-)

28 Jun 2000, Version 4.0.1
- Fixed a possible crash in the LDAP modify code. (Eric Kilfoil)
- Fixed a bug in opendir(), which prevented readdir() from working properly if
the $dir argument wasn't explicitly specified (Zeev)
- Made --enable-discard-path work again. (Andi)
- Removed 8KB limit on line length of the file() function (Zeev)
- Disabled dl() when PHP is being used as a module inside a multithreaded web
server - it didn't work before, and caused weird results (Zeev)
- Added the ImageColorClosestHWB(), ImageCopyMerge() and ImagePaletteCopy()
functions. (Sterling)
- Added ImageCreateFromWBMP() function. (Jouni)
- Fixed problems with POST requests under the NSAPI module. (Roberto Biancardi)
- Added spliti() function. (Thies)
- Fixed serializer behaviour with regards to serializing objects whose class
definition was not available in the deserializing context. (Sascha)
- Improve memory cache performance and increase cache size. (Stas, Zend Engine)
- Added a crc32 checksum function - used by the UdmSearch search engine
and currently run through a system call. This will speed up the UdmSearch
php frontend significantly. (Rasmus)
- Modified in_array() to not touch array pointer. (Andrei)
- Added restore_error_handler(). (Zeev, Zend engine)
- Fixed erroneous file names and line numbers in error situations under the
multithreaded version of PHP - most noticeably Win32 (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed problem with CGI crashing on certain servers especially Windows Apache
& O'Reilly website (Andi)
- Added Pi3Web SAPI module; run ./configure --with-pi3web to enable this.
- Enhanced WDDX functions to call __sleep() and __wakeup() when working on
objects. (Andrei)
- Changed WDDX to serialize arrays as structs only if needed. (Thies)
- Implemented max_execution_time under Win32 (Zeev)
- Updated strtotime() to handle many more formats. It now has complete
feature parity with GNU date command. (Andrei)
- Added support for multiple arguments in unset(). (Faisal, Zend Engine)
- Functions that expect a resource but are passed something else now return
NULL instead of FALSE. (Thies, Zend Engine)
- Fixed gmmktime(), on certain systems it incorrectly adjusted for the timezone
offset and daylight savings time. (Andrei)
- Moved VC++ Win32 project and workspace files to the win32 directory
- Fixed checkdate() to not return true on non-numeric arguments (Rasmus)
- Added --enable-c9x-inline option for compilers which support the new C9x
standard. If you encounter undefined references to i_zend_is_true and
other symbols, you should enable this. (Sascha, Zend Library)
- Fixed a problem in ldap_add() and ldap_modify(), sometimes added trailing
garbage to the values (Stig Venaas)
- Fixed a problem with dbmopen() not handing 'c' correctly with dbm/db/ndbm
databases. (JimJag)
- Fixed a crash in number_format() when used with locales. (Andrei)
- Fixed an initialization problem in the MS-SQL problem that could cause
a crash in mssql_query() (Zeev)
- Upgraded PCRE to version 3.2 and fixed a bug when anchored pattern
matched an empty string. (Andrei)
- Fixed a bug that prevented PHP from paying attention to the extension_dir
directive with extensions that were loaded from the php.ini file (Zeev)
- Changed set_error_handler() to return the name of the previously defined
error handler, if any (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Declared <?php_track_vars?> officially dead. It didn't work in PHP 4.0.0
either, but now it's gone for good (Zeev)
- Make convert_cyr_string() binary safe and stop it from corrupting other
PHP variables. (Andi)
- Added functions array_unique, array_intersect and array_diff (Stig Venaas)
- Fixed problem when using uninitialized values in comparisons with strings.
They behave as empty strings again just like in PHP 3.
(Andi & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed 'Z' flag in date() to adjust for daylight savings time. (Andrei)
- Fixed var_dump() not to modify the internal order of array elements (Zeev)
- Fixed stripcslashes() to remove to strip \ in unknown escapes instead of
leaving it. (Andrei)
- Changed WDDX to always serialize arrays as structs. (Andrei)
- Fixed include_once() to issue a warning in case the supplied file name is
not found (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed a bug in get_declared_classes() which could return the same class
multiple times under certain circumstances (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed a bug in rawurldecode() that would cause in rawurldecode() corrupting
its argument (Zeev)
- Parse errors (or other errors) in the php.ini files under Windows will no
longer mess up the HTTP headers in CGI mode and are now displayed in a
message box (Zeev)
- Fixed a crash in OCIFetchStatement() when trying to read after all data
has already been read. (Thies)
- fopen_wrappers() are now extensible via modules (Hartmut Holzgraefe)
- Make trim strip \0 to match php 3 (Rasmus)
- Added function imagecreatefromxbm(). (Jouni)
- Added function imagewbmp(). (Jouni, based on patch from Rune Nordb袍
- Added str_pad() for padding a string with an arbitrary string on left or
right. (Andrei)
- Made the short_tags, asp_tags and allow_call_time_pass_reference INI
directives work on a per-directory basis as well, e.g. from .htaccess
files. (Zeev)
- Added fflush() function. (Eric Huss)
- Fixed a problem with static variables, default function arguments and class
member variables, that contained array values. (Andi & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fix virtual() when used with output buffering (Marc Pohl)
- Clean up constants in flock() function and add optional 3rd arg which
is set to true on EWOULDBLOCK (Rasmus)
- Added functions pg_loimport(), pg_loexport(). (Jouni)
- Added SWF support to getimagesize() function (Derick Rethans)
- Added support for both indexed and non-indexed arrays of file uploads
eg. name="file[]" type="file" (Rasmus)
- Added create_function(), which gives the ability to create functions
on-the-fly (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Added support for comparisons of arrays (with arrays) and objects (with
objects); The equality operator (==) performs an unordered comparison,
whereas the identity operator (===) performs an ordered comparison (Zeev,
Zend Engine)
- Allow all functions that receive user-defined function callbacks to accept
an array that contains an object and a method name, in place of a function
name, e.g. usort($array, array($obj, "ObjSort")) (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Added set_error_handler() to allow custom error handling functions,
instead of the built-in error handling code (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Renamed user_error() to trigger_error(); user_error() remains
defined for compatibility (Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fix the global/static statements to require a trailing terminating
semi-colon ';'. (Andi, Zend Engine)
- Cleaned up PCRE extension and made it binary-safe. (Andrei)
- Added third argument to in_array(). If it's true, then in_array()
will use strict comparison instead of the default one. (Andrei)
- Added pg_trace() and pg_untrace (Dominic J. Eidson & Zeev)
- ignore_user_abort=Off is now default. (Thies)
- Added array_merge_recursive() that will recursively merge values
under the same keys. (Andrei)
- fixed crash in OCIParse when parsing invalid SQL. (Thies)
- Fixed a bug in mysql_connect() that made it ignore the socket argument, in
case of non-persistent connects (Zeev)
- Added disable_functions php.ini directive, to allow administrators to disable
certain functions for security reasons (Zeev)
- Fixed sessions on Win32. When setting the directory depth parameter in
save_path you need to now delimit it with a ';' instead of ':', e.g
"5;/tmp" instead of "5:/tmp" (Andi)
- Changed the Apache handler's return status to 'Declined' when a requested
PHP file could not be found. Returning 'Not Found' caused problems
in the ErrorDocument handler stage in that $REDIRECT_REDIRECT_ERROR_NOTES
was not getting set at all. Moving to 'Declined' should fix this and I
can't see any other side effects. (Rasmus)
- Fixed scanning decimal numbers in internationalized environments. They should
always be in standard US format e.g. 23.3. (Andi, Zend Engine)
- Added second argument to preg_quote() which allows quoting of
one additional character, usually the regex delimiter. (Andrei)
- Uncommitted outstanding OCI8 transactions are now rolled back
before the connection is closed. (Thies)
- ignore_user_abort() & friends should now work in CGI mode as well.
(Patch by
- Added extension YAZ (dickmeiss).
- Fixed a crash bug triggered by certain cases of class redeclarations
(Stanislav & Zeev, Zend Engine)
- Fixed min()/max() segfault. (Andrei)
- New module for reading EXIF header data from JPEG files. Most digital
cameras will embed all sorts of information about a picture inside the
jpeg images it generates. (Rasmus)
- Fixed basename() bug where "file.ext///" would not return the same
as "/path/file.ext///" (Rasmus)
- Added the swf_ortho function. (Sterling)
- Moved to virtual current working directory support. This highly improves the
functionality and stability of multi-threaded versions of PHP (Andi, Sascha)

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4.0.1의 readdir() 함수에 버그가 있는듯 하네요.

: - Fixed a bug in opendir(), which prevented readdir() from working properly if
: the $dir argument wasn't explicitly specified (Zeev)

이 부분에서 먼가 수정이 이루어진듯 한데..

$p = opendir("$path");
while($i = readdir($p)) {
if($i != "." && $i != "..") echo $i;

이렇게 했을 경우 readdir()에서 에러를 뿌리는 군요. 물론 됐다
안됐다 그럽니다. 현재는 exec 함수로서 대체를 할까 생각을 하고는
있는데.. 도대체 이해를 못하겠군요.

테스트좀 부탁합니다. :-)

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제가 버그 리포팅을 php.net에 했는데, 다음과 같이 답이 왔네요.
cvs 버젼을 쓰니 괜찮아 지더군요.

Date: 1 Jul 2000 06:32:04 -0000
From: Bug Database <>
Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #5296 Updated: readdir function error

Zeev has fixed this in the latest CVS. Please try it and if you're still having
problems open a new bug report.

김정균 wrote..
: 4.0.1의 readdir() 함수에 버그가 있는듯 하네요.
: : - Fixed a bug in opendir(), which prevented readdir() from working properly if
: : the $dir argument wasn't explicitly specified (Zeev)
: 이 부분에서 먼가 수정이 이루어진듯 한데..
: $p = opendir("$path");
: while($i = readdir($p)) {
: if($i != "." && $i != "..") echo $i;
: }
: closedir($p);
: 이렇게 했을 경우 readdir()에서 에러를 뿌리는 군요. 물론 됐다
: 안됐다 그럽니다. 현재는 exec 함수로서 대체를 할까 생각을 하고는
: 있는데.. 도대체 이해를 못하겠군요.
: 테스트좀 부탁합니다. :-)