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20. What is Mobile Linux?
Transmeta is creating a Linux distribution to support its OEM customers called Mobile Linux. Mobile Linux is designed for systems without hard disks, such as Mobile Internet devices (for example, Web pads, clients). The principal enhancements for Mobile Linux will be in power management and in the reduction of the memory footprint.

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21. Is Transmeta getting into the Linux distribution business like RedHat?
No. Transmeta does not intend to support end users.

The purpose for creating a Mobile Linux for OEM customers is to provide a total solution including the Crusoe processor, the Code Morphing software, all the required driver support for our motherboard platform and the Mobile Linux operating system. This will provide our OEM customers with the best combination of features and time to market for the emerging Internet device marketplace.

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25. What is Linus Torvalds's role at Transmeta?
Linus Torvalds is a member of the very talented software team that created Transmeta's patented Code Morphing Software.

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