Linux v2.6.8

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Linus wrote:
from v2.6.8-rc4 to v2.6.8:

The major patches since -rc4 were some sparc64 and parsic updates, but
there's some network driver and SATA updates and a few ARM patches too.
And a use-after-free fix in MTD.

Linus wrote:
from v2.6.8-rc3 to v2.6.8-rc4:

Hmm.. Not a huge amount of changes, but enough that I wouldn't have felt
comfortable releasing it as 2.6.8. I've been hoping to resolve the dcache
reports, and we found _one_ bug, but that one would likely not affect a
whole lot of people, so..

Some ARM updates, the i586 AES code rewrite, some ppc updates.. A large
portion of the patch actually ends up being cleaning up some /proc files
(thanks to Al for doing seq-file conversions) and me fixing some broken
calling conventions in sysctl and sound /proc handling.

The shortlog gives a reasonable picture of the changes.

Linus wrote:
from v2.6.8-rc2 to v2.6.8-rc3:

Tons of small fixes all around the tree.

There's an optimized assembly AES implementation for x86 (from Brian
Gladman), and a number of driver updates, all of which are reasonably

It would be good if people only sent serious stuff for a while, and we can
do a real 2.6.8, ok?

Linus wrote:
from v2.6.8-rc1 to v2.6.8-rc2:

MTD updates, i2c updates and some USB updates, and a lot of small stuff
(sparse cleanups and fixes from Al etc).

Linus wrote:
from v2.6.7 to v2.6.8-rc1:

Ok, there's been a long time between "public" releases, although the
automated BK snapshots have obviously been keeping people up-to-date.
Sorry about that, I blame mainly moving boxes and stuff around...

The diff is big, and skewed by some QLogic SCSI controller firmware
updates along with a few new (and some moved) drivers. Most of the rest is
a large collection of fairly small patches. The shortlog gives a
reasonable overview.
gnobus의 이미지

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