C언어 창시자는 2명인가요?

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어느책에 보니 dennis ritchie 와 brian kernighan이라고 하던데..
혹시 참고할만한 글있는지..... :oops:

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데니스 리치와 켄 톰슨이죠..

참고 자료는 http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/who/dmr/chist.html 여기가 정석이라구 해야 하나요?

구글에서 C언어 이렇게 검색해도 많이 나올것 같습니다

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C의 창시자는 데니스 리치입니다. 켄 톰슨은 데니스 리치와 함께 K&R을 썼죠.


GunSmoke의 이미지

brian kernighan입니다....ㅡㅡ;;


eritaka의 이미지

다음은 Kernighan의 인터뷰 기사 일부입니다.


LJ: What was your part in the birth and destiny of the C language?

BK: I had no part in the birth of C, period. It's entirely Dennis Ritchie's work. I wrote a tutorial on how to use C for people at Bell Labs, and I twisted Dennis's arm into writing a book with me. But, if he had been so motivated, he certainly could have done it without help. He's a superb writer, as one can tell from the C reference manuals, which are his prose, untouched. I've profited a great deal from being part of the book, and I treasure Dennis as a friend, but I didn't have anything to do with C.