PocketPC용 GCC 등장

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For developers only: Pocket GCC released - now you can write and compile software inside of your Pocket PC

October 15, 2003 [Pocket PC phone]

This news item is not directly related to Pocket PC phones, but to all Pocket PC PDAs, and is interesting only for developers (programmers), but it is very important achievement for Pocket PC platform, especially for developers, therefore we publish it here.

GCC is a free Software Development Kit (SDK), including compiler and linker, that is available for many many platforms. Now the impossible has become reality thanks to the porting of GCC to Pocket PC platform: you can write and compile programs for Pocket PC right inside of your device!

Author of the program writes:

After several months searching for weird error in linker.. I큟 glad to announce my port of GCC/Binutils for StrongARM-WinCE-PE (PocketPC) host! If you wanted to develop on your PDA - go and download C/C++ and MS sources-compatible development tools!


GCC and Binutils are open-source mutliplatform C/C++ compiler and supporting tools (library manager, linker,..).

This site provides binaries of native compiler for PocketPC platform, required minimal includes and libraries taken from standard PocketPC 2002 SDK, and also some other necessary tools. So that now it큦 possible to develop applications on the go using fully supported C/C++. This means that normally source code written in eVC (MFC isn큧 supported yet) can be built and then executed on PDA without conversion and any additional runtimes.

Console mode applications can be built as well as standard applications, resource files (.rc) are fully supported. Version number of GCC is 3.2 and of Binutils - 2.13.

C/C++ compiler (cc1plus)
Assembler (as)
Linker (ld)
Archiver (ar)
Preprocessor (cpp0) and Resource compiler (windres)
Main libraries and includes
Sample project(s) taken from PocketPC 2002 SDK
To download Pocket GCC click here.

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사용법은 간단하나

스타일러스 팬으로 직접 코딩하는것은 힘들듯하네요..

전용 keyboard 를 사야 하는지.....

I'm A.kin

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이런거 없나 찾고 있었는데...
개인적으로는 Cygwin이 PocketPC용으로 나왔으면 좋겠다고 생각하고 있습니다.