When and why to deprecate filesystems

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최근 ReiserFS를 삭제를 논의하면서 사용되지 않고 있는 리눅스 커널 코드를 어떻게 제거할지에 대한 lwn.net 기사 내용입니다.

* What should be done with code that is unmaintained and, possibly, unused?
* The kernel community has recently discussed this problem in the context of filesystems, and the Reiserfs filesystem in particular, with a focus on the approaching 2038 deadline.
* Removing support for old hardware is difficult enough.
* The point is that deprecating a filesystem in the mainline kernel does not change the fact that it was included in recent long-term-support kernels.
* But it also poses an ongoing problem for developers charged with maintaining those kernels.