Hangul input under Wayland

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Red Hat 엔지니어들이 한글 지원에 힘쓴 모양입니다. 페도라 설치해서 확인해봐야겠네요.

Hangul input under Wayland

Red Hat, like Lenovo, targets most of the world with our products and projects. This means that we want them to work great even for people who doesn’t use English or another European language. To achieve this we have a team dedicated to ensuring that not just Linux, but all Red Hat products work well for international users as part of my group at Red Hat. That team, lead by Jens Petersen, is distributed around the globe with engineers in Japan, China, India, Singapore and Germany. This team contributes to a lot of different things like font maintenance, input method development, i18n infrastructure and more.
One thing this team recently discovered was that the support for Korean input under Wayland. So Peng Wu, Takao Fujiwara and Carlos Garnacho worked together to come up with a series of patches for ibus and GNOME Shell to ensure that Fedora Workstation on Wayland works perfectly for Korean input. I wanted to highlight this effort because while I don’t usually mention efforts which such a regional impact in my blog posts it is a critical part of keeping Linux viable and usable across the globe. And ensuring that you can use your computer in your own language is something we feel is important and want to enable and also an area where I believe Red Hat is investing more than any other vendor out there.


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