Linus Torvalds: I hope Intel's AVX-512 'dies a painful death'

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리누스 토발즈가 연일 인텔을 강하게 비판하고 있네요. 인텔이 새로운 CPU에 추가한 512 bit vector extenstion에 대하어 이렇게 독자적으로 호환이 안되는 새로운 명령어를 추가하지 말고 기존 문제나 해결하라라고 이야기하네요. 최근 본안 문제, 멀티 코어 성능 문제를 앉고 있는 인텔을 비판한 듯 보입니다.

Linux kernel creator Linus Torvalds hopes to see the end of Intel's 512-bit vector extensions and admits he has an "irrational hatred" of the floating-point (FP) benchmarks used to prove their value.

Torvalds fired off his criticism of Intel's Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) instructions in a mailing list chat. He was responding to Phoronix's article on GNU Compiler Collection 11 lacking support for AVX-512 in the compiler instructions Intel has enabled for Alder Lake, its 2021 processors for the desktop. Intel's future Xeon Sapphire Roads processors still do support AVX-512.
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"I hope AVX-512 dies a painful death, and that Intel starts fixing real problems instead of trying to create magic instructions to then create benchmarks that they can look good on,"