LWN.net Weekly Edition for November 14, 2019

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This edition contains the following feature content:

Debian reconsiders init-system diversity: a general resolution (GR) may be in the offing to determine how much support the distribution should provide to init systems other than systemd.
Analyzing kernel email: some researchers report on kernel email analysis at ELCE.
Statistics from the 5.4 development cycle: our usual look at who developed the code and which companies paid for it.
Emulated iopl(): an effort to remove some ancient cruft from the kernel.
The 2019 Automated Testing Summit: a report from the gathering of kernel test system developers in Lyon, France at the end of October.
This week's edition also includes these inner pages:

Brief items: Brief news items from throughout the community.
Announcements: Newsletters, conferences, security updates, patches, and more.
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