CentOS 사용하는 분들은 CentOS 분쟁을 지켜보시길 바랍니다.

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어제 발생한 소식 한가지, CentOS.org 도메인 가지고 있는 분하고 CentOS 메인 관리자들하고 분쟁 일어났습니다.
도메인 가지고 있는 분이 기증 받은 돈을 다 먹은 듯하기도 합니다.
어쨋든 추후에 상황을 지켜봐야하지만, 나중에 CentOS.org 에서 다른 도메인으로 변경될 가능성이 어느정도 있습니다.
그렇게 되면 CentOS 서버들을 전부다 rpm 하나 설치해서 변경해야할지도 모릅니다.
상황이 잘 해결될 수도 있으니, 그냥 지켜보는 중입니다. CentOS.org 메인 홈페이지에 현제 분쟁 관련 공지글이 있습니다.
그래도 프로젝트가 완전히 없어질 가능성은 적어 보여서, 우선은 지켜봐도 될 것 같습니다.

참고 link:
http://www.centos.org - 메인 페이지에 현재 맨 위에 분쟁이 공지되어 있습니다.

공지 원문:
July 30, 2009 04:39 UTC

This is an Open Letter to Lance Davis from fellow CentOS Developers

It is regrettable that we are forced to send this letter but we are left with no other options. For some time now we have been attempting to resolve these problems:

You seem to have crawled into a hole ... and this is not acceptable.

You have long promised a statement of CentOS project funds; to this date this has not appeared.

You hold sole control of the centos.org domain with no deputy; this is not proper.

You have, it seems, sole 'Founders' rights in the IRC channels with no deputy ; this is not proper.

When I (Russ) try to call the phone numbers for UK Linux, and for you individually, I get a telco intercept 'Lines are temporarily busy' for the last two weeks. Finally yesterday, a voicemail in your voice picked up, and I left a message urgently requesting a reply. Karanbir also reports calling and leaving messages without your reply.

Please do not kill CentOS through your fear of shared management of the project.

Clearly the project dies if all the developers walk away.

Please contact me, or any other signer of this letter at once, to arrange for the required information to keep the project alive at the 'centos.org' domain.


Russ Herrold
Ralph Angenendt
Karanbir Singh
Jim Perrin
Donavan Nelson
Tim Verhoeven
Tru Huynh
Johnny Hughes

추가 공지
Facts Regarding CentOS and the Open Letter to Lance Davis
CentOS is not dead or going away. The signers of the Open Letter are fully committed to continue the CentOS Project. Updates and new releases will continue.

The issues raised in the Open Letter have been raised privately literally for years and a voluntary resolution had been hoped for and worked toward. But progress requires follow through. We have tried contacting Lance in private for a long period of time before this Open Letter. While we received promises, there was no real response or follow through from him on promises made. We are sure he is not dead, on vacation, or sick. Once we all decided there was no movement in the matter we created the Open Letter. This is not something that appeared just recently.

We would really like to continue the project using the centos.org domain. That is one of the reasons for the Open Letter. But the developers will move to another domain if there is no other option. Protective backups are in place; hot machines exist to allow for a cutover with a simple one time installation of one RPM package. We continue to refine our plans if this might be the case, to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We thank the people who have stepped forward and want to donate to the CentOS project to hold off for now until issues surrounding the centos.org domain and donation policy are resolved. Selected donations will be privately solicited by the signers of the Open Letter on some transition matters. We will post general instructions on how you can help the project as matters become resolved.

The CentOS project is run completely by volunteers and we are aware that this requires a different management style. We have been and continue to work to prevent issues like these from occurring in the future. We will continue this effort in the future, but the matters mentioned in the Open Letter prevent us from moving forward at this moment, as they need to be resolved first.
Last Update: July 30, 2009 20:45 UTC by Donavan

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설치한지 얼마안됐는데 ㅜㅜ...
프로젝트 없어지면 안됩니다. ㅜㅜ

위키를 개발하고 있습니다.


위키를 개발하고 있습니다.

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음...고민하나 덜게 될지도 모르겠군요...바라는 바는 아니지만요~~

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데스크탑 versus 서버 아닌가요?

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CentOS가 좀 싸보이는 이름이라.. 혹시 도메인 분쟁 잘 안되면 DollorOS나 뭐 그런 이름으로 바꿨으면 좋겠네요. ^^



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DollorOS 보다는 EuroOS 정도로 해야...
하나는 전부, 전부는 하나

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가장 비싼 화폐단위라네요.

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리눅스가 비싸지면 엠에스가 될거 같아서요 ㅋ
그냥 CentOS로 유지되기를...

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레드햇 엔지니어가 없어서 RHEL공식구매는 못하고 CentOS 를 이제 막 쓰기 시작했는데 프로젝트 폐쇄라니... 절헌... ~_~
음 그런데 기업체 프로젝트에는 저 프로젝트가 망한다고 해서 크게 영향은 없겠죠?
실력있는 분이라면 알아서 커스터마이징 하실테니... (/ㅅ/)고오~수우...

마침 다음 글이 떠오르는군요...

폐인이 되자 (/ㅂ/)

폐인이 되자 (/ㅂ/)

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해결되었다고 합니다.
Note: The CentOS Development team had a normal meeting today and Lance Davis was in attendance. In the meeting a majority of issues were resolved right away and a working agreement was reached with deadlines for any unresolved issues. There should be no impact to any CentOS users moving forward.

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기사들이 영어로 되어 있는 까닭에 중간 과정은 잘 모르겠고,
결론은...해결되었다고 하니...그냥 잘 쓰면 되겠군요 ㅎㅎ