Qualcomm Field Applications Engineer 채용중!

qualcomm의 이미지

1. 모집 내용
• 모집부문: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Korea
• 급여 : 채용시 협의

2. 전형방법
• 상시 채용
• 1차: 서류전형(우선 지원자에 한해 서류 전형 진행 후 개별 연락)
• 2차: 기술 면접전형

3. 자격 요건
• 전자/전기/컴퓨터 공학 계열 전공자
• 병역 완료/면제자
• 보훈대상자 우대
• 영어회화와 작문 가능한 자
• 기술 요건 : 아래 각 포지션별 요건 참조

4. 서류 접수 방법
• 영문 이력서 이메일로 지원: recruit_korea@qualcomm.com
• 서류 접수에 통과하신 분들은 개별 연락을 드릴 예정입니다.

5. 모집 부문 (Field Applications Engineer: 대리/과장급)

Field Application Engineers (FAEs) are responsible for providing technical support for Qualcomm connectivity solution, have account based ownership, support customers as a point of contact for all kinds of technical issues, and communicate with AE/CPM/BD/MKT/ENG/Sales teams to manage the customer issues.

- Develop technical relationship with end customers
- Duplicate/verify customer issues to confirm the bug is valid
- Collect issue information and file bugs via internal bug tracking system
- Introduce and demo Qualcomm connectivity solutions to the targeted customers
- Get customer's product specification including new feature requirement
- Get the customer project schedule
- Provide customers with technical product presentations

- 2 years experience in WLAN development
- Good experience in C/C++ programming
- Development experience in Android/Linux software is preferred
- Embedded or wireless system software development and integration on telecommunications devices is a plus
- Knowledge of networking protocols and security concepts is a plus
- BT experience is a plus
- Excellent communication skills including verbal and written is required
- Additional Skills Education Requirements
Required: BS/MS in Electronic/Computer/Electrical Engineering
- 3 to 5 years or more of applicable work experience