Qualcomm: Product Marketing Manager 채용중!!

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1. 모집 내용

 모집회사: Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Korea

 급여 : 채용시 협의

 근무처: 서울 사무실

2. 전형방법

• 상시 채용

• 1차: 서류전형(우선 지원자에 한해 서류 전형 진행 후 개별 연락)

• 2차: 기술 면접전형

3. 자격 요건

 전자/전기/컴퓨터 공학 계열 전공자

 병역 완료/면제자

 보훈대상자 우대

 영어회화와 작문 가능한 자

 기술 요건 : 아래 각 포지션별 요건 참조

4. 서류 접수 방법

 영문 이력서 이메일로 지원: recruit_korea@qualcomm.com

 서류 접수에 통과하신 분들은 개별 연락을 드릴 예정입니다.

5. 모집 부문 (Product Marketing Manager for QMC Multimedia Products & SW Technologies)

Job Title
Marketing Mgr for QMC Multimedia Products & S/W Technologies

Post Date

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. - CDMA Technology

Job Area

South Korea - Seoul

Job Function
Responsible for regional marketing with expertise on QMC(Qualcomm Mobile and Computing) Multimedia products & S/W technologies like video, audio, graphics as well as mobile S/W architecture and HLOS. Closely work with internal Products/Biz/Technologies marketing and Customer Engineering / Development team and take the lead of the products/technology promotion. Develop Multimedia products/technology oriented biz strategies and new biz opportunities optimized for Korea market.


Strong technical background in multimedia/mobile/semiconductor R&D and good understanding about Korea mobile industry and global market trend.
At least 5 years of related industry experience. Positive and open mind to drive new business opportunities with enthusiasm.
Excellent communication and presentation skills in English and Korean.

Education Requirements
Required: Bachelor's, Electronics/Telecommunication/
Computer Engineering or equivalent
Preferred: Master of Engineering. MBA is a plus